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Design partnership

Media Standards Trust is a charity that develops digital tools for transparency and accountability of the press.

Doublesided worked with Media Standards Trust for several years, creating brands and websites to support its mission.

These projects included:

  •’ website redesign which functioned like a LinkedIn for Journalists
  • ‘itchanged’ branding: a browser extension for the hNews microformat for identifying information in news stories for transparency
  • ‘PPC watch’ branding: Press Complaints Commission watchdog website, which provided regular scrutiny of the work of the PCC and press self-regulation
  • The Orwell Prize’ website design: a political writing prize
  • ‘Churnalism’ brand and website design: a digital tool to compare press releases side-by-side with news articles to see how much was copied
  • ‘Hacked Off’ campaign website design and build: a response to the phone-hacking revelations and campaigns for a free and accountable press for the public
  • ‘Unsourced’ brand and website design: user-added sources for news articles to assess the accuracy of an article, with gamification features
  • The Media Standard Trust website.
Creative direction
Web design
Frontend CSS
Ongoing support
“Each website – Journalisted, Churnalism, Unsourced and Media Standards Trust – had a highly distinctive look and feel.

Through all the years we worked with Doublesided, we found they took the time to listen, always responded with a clear plan, and then execute that plan. A pleasure to work with.”
Martin Moore – Director
Media Standards Trust

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