The Orwell Youth Prize / Website

Support socially
engaged young writers
with resources

Added support with
feedback for first drafts

The Orwell Youth Prize is an educational charity created by their ‘Big Brother’, The Orwell Foundation – home of The Orwell Prizes. Its programme encourages socially engaged young people to write about their experiences using George Orwell’s values of integrity and honesty. Lesson plans, school workshops and writing seminars are provided as support throughout the year.

The annual Youth Prize has judges providing feedback on all first drafts – a unique offering amongst youth writing prizes.

After creating The Orwell Prize website, Doublesided was commissioned to design a sister website for the Youth Prize.
Information architecture
Creative direction
UX design
Web design
Ongoing support

Part of the family yet has its own identity

For consistency, the design shares the same layout as its sister sites, The Orwell Foundation and The Orwell Prize. However, to differentiate from other two’s signature red and black colour scheme, a warm colour palette and graphic shapes are introduced to appeal to younger audiences and reflect their passion and enthusiasm.

Winners are displayed in a different format and are showcased further down the homepage.

Help in the classroom

The site provides information on Orwell, essays that inspire discussion, related works and GCSE practice papers to support teachers in their lessons.
Web design Orwell Youth Prize form in browser

Evolve the submission form from user feedback

Initially, the submission forms were multi-step with a ‘save for later’ function due to the breadth of information required.

With user feedback, it evolved into a long, single form. Applicants preferred to view all the requested information to ascertain whether to complete the form now or wait until everything was collected.

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